You went into business to make money, but are dirty air ducts making you lose money? According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 25-40% of the energy* used for heating or cooling is wasted because air pollutants require an HVAC system to work harder to heat and cool a facility. By having the experts at Pure Air’s Commercial Air Duct Cleaning remove the buildup of pollutants, your HVAC system will work more efficiently and potentially save you money on heating and cooling costs.

Air duct cleaning helps:

  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Reduce the potential for mold growth
  • Extend HVAC equipment life
  • Provide a healthier environment for allergy sufferers
  • Remove unpleasant odors
  • Save money on energy costs

  • Our experts connect a powerful vacuum system to the air duct near the furnace
  • Commercial grade products and equipment are used to dislodge the contaminants and debris in the air duct.
  • Contaminants are pulled out of the ducts and through the filtration system, returning clean air back into the facility
  • After cleaning, all access holes are resealed, returning the duct system to a like new, clean condition

Whether you have a manufacturing facility, office building, retail store, healthcare facility or other commercial or industrial property, Pure Air Commercial Air Duct Cleaning takes facility maintenance burdens off your plate and works around your needs, so you can focus on running your business. As a pioneer of best practices in duct cleaning services, we get the job done right, every time.

For sensitive areas, we are trained in contamination containment and the unique requirements of healthcare, scientific, manufacturing, and other environments where meticulous care is demanded.

We are happy to educate customers and answer any questions, so you can make well-informed facility maintenance decisions for your business.

The quality of your indoor air has a significant impact on the productivityhealth, and satisfaction of your occupants. Pure Air Commercial Air Duct Cleaning by  is an affordable and effective way to:

  • Improve IAQ so you and your occupants can work and feel better.
  • Remove dust, dirt, mold, spores, microbes, and other particulates that build up over time in your HVAC system and air ducts.
  • Help your HVAC system work more efficiently – potentially lowering energy costs while doing more to protect the environment.

The Invisible Problem:
Dirty Systems and Bad Air Build Up Gradually

According to the American Lung Association, poor indoor air quality is a major cause of days lost from work and school. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says a build-up of dirt on heating or cooling coils can result in a 21% decrease in HVAC system efficiency.

Even in a new building, dirt and debris in ducts and hidden areas get blown out and sucked back in where they build up, hinder system performance and jeopardize the health and productivity of building occupants. Learn more about air quality problems.